Veggie Sammy

Yummy in my tummy! Last night I made a batch of onion bread for the first time and it was super easy. I had a great memory of enjoying the spongy moist bread when we had dinner at Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco last year. And I used the recipe in the I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyles of Cafe Gratitude Un-Cookbook I now have, and its a book I would recommend because it is filled with great recipes. Here is a link to basically the same onion bread recipe on The Rawtarian’s website.

I also whipped up a batch of raw zucchini based hummus.This is so much easier to digest than traditional bean based hummus and it’s also starch free! I peeled my zucchini before blending it with the other ingredients to avoid a green hummus. I also added in fresh parsley in the very end and lightly pulsed it, again to avoid having a green spread.

Raw Sandwich Ingredients:

On the side: celery sticks, fresh mini peppers, more zucchini hummus for dipping.


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