Let’s Make Fresh Nut Milk!

make fresh nut milks

They are finally here! Betty’s Nut Sacks, or also called Nut Milk Bags! They are my 2nd favorite kitchen tool/gadget ever, 2nd only to the Vitamix which will always be in 1st place. And these bags are like a BFF to the Vitamix, or any blender really. Click here to purchase your own Nut Milk Bag!

I honestly can’t believe how much use I get out of this little nut sack! I use it a few times per week to make fresh almond & hazelnut milks. I also use it when on a juice fast, as I much prefer juicing with my Vitamix and this nut sack more than using my actual fancy juicer. True story! Read more here. I also use this bag for making fast & easy fresh cauliflower “rice”, and for straining my homemade soup stocks, especially my Raw Tom Kha.Betty's Best Nut Sack

I am now selling these handy dandy nut milk sacks direct! Just click here to get your own bag! Also included with each bag is a useful little guide with some of my favorite recipes! I have tried and tested many a nut sack, and I honestly truly believe these are the best sacks on the market! They are cut on the bias, so there is a natural give & gentle stretch to the fine nylon mesh when straining. They are industrial strength, machine washable (I have even run them through the dishwasher). For the most part I just rinse with water after use and hang dry, as they dry so quickly, and won’t harbor bacteria like a lot of other sacks on the market.

Fresh DIY Almond Milk

A Few Reasons why I ♥ DIY Almond Milk:

1. It is so decadent and delicious

2. It is the cheaper than anything store bought

3. There are no nasty stabilizers, preservatives, or gut irritants like carrageenan or guar gum added

4. The by product of making nut milk, is the beautiful like and fluffy nut pulp (wet flour) that is left over. It can be used in countless recipes (see below)

5. It only take a few minutes at most to make a fresh quart of milk

6. Raw chocolate hazelnut milk smoothies are the bomb!

7. It is truly a “raw” and vibrant milk unlike the processed stuff in the carton.

8. Cuts down on waste & packaging associated with the stuff made in a factory

9. Drinking freshly made milks make me feel good

10. I love sharing fresh nutrient dense smoothies with friends

11. There are no added sweeteners or refined sugars, you get to sweeten how ever you like!

12. You KNOW its Non-Gmo

13. Making things from scratch makes you appreciate them more

14. And most important, no creatures were hurt or suffering in the making of this milk!

Almond Milk tastes better when shared with friends!

Basic Almond Milk Recipe:

  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 4 cups water

Ideally you want to soak your almonds for 8 to 12 hours in water at room temperature to activate the sprouting process. But if you don’t have time to soak you nuts, don’t sweat it, you can still make fabulous nut milk.

Blend almonds with 4 cups water on high in a blender. Hold the nut milk bag open with one hand over a bowl, and pour the almond milk into the bag. Twist the top of the bag shut, and gently squeeze out the fresh almond milk. Use the left over nut milk pulp in a variety of different raw recipes. Pour the fresh decadent almond milk into a quart jar and store in the fridge. Sweeten to your liking.


Here are some recipes that I couldn’t do without my nut sack:

Raw Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Homemade Hazelnut Milk

Fresh Smooth Ruby Raspberry Juice

Raw Cinnamon Snails

Red, White & Blue Cake

Chia Power Pudding

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  1. Jaime M. Bitle



  2. Nancy

    Jaime! 🙂

    I love almond milk best, mainly so that I can make Matcha Lattes!

  3. Christine

    Almond milk is so easy to make and it’s delicious. I like to add just a little maple syrup and vanilla.

  4. Scott H.

    My favorite is definitely almond milk. I really should’ve had one of these bags when I tried to make my milk last time!

  5. I love almond milk and so does my son!! This is a great item,

  6. Britt

    I love Coconut milk, but I would love to make my own Almond, and other nut milk, even more!

  7. I love making my own almond milk. I’ve gotten myself down to only using 1/3 cup almonds to 1/2 gallon water. It’s kind of watery, but I’m trying keep the calories low. My old nut milk bag is wearing, so I could really use a new one. Love the rectangular shape, too.

  8. oh the almond milk with a hint of coconut is my favorite!”

  9. Lorraine F.

    I absolutely love coconut milk! A very close second is almond.

  10. Laura Norton

    I have never made my own almond milk, but I am def going to try it! The nut milk bag would be handy!!

  11. Laura O.

    I love almond milk. I have yet to make it from scratch so I would love to win one:) I would also like to try axel nut milk.

  12. Trista

    Thanks for the recipes! I hope I win 😉

  13. Jeanine

    I am new to raw living and can use s new gadget to help me get started! ♥

  14. Jessica Hammond-Brouwer

    Homemade coconut milk. Yumm!!!

  15. Andrea kotarski

    My kids have allergies to every thing. Making almond and coconut milk is a blessing. A nut bag would help,better then straining through cheese cloth! We love almond or coconut with a tiny bit of maple syrup, a tbs of frontier Dutch choc is our newest discovery that they both love. Thanks!

  16. Elizabeth G.

    I love Coconut Milk!

  17. Kathy Tierney

    I control what is in my nut/coconut milk.

  18. I really would love to win this! I would use it for straining coconut milk (and then dehydrating the ‘remains’ for coconut flour)! Fingers crossed!

  19. Valerie Castillo

    I would love this. Trying new ideas. Love almond milk

  20. Linda Allan

    It would have to be coconut milk

  21. I go back and forth between coconut and almond milks. Would live to try making my own sometime soon!! Just checked a few of your recipes – am looking forward to trying out a few!!

  22. Liz Carson

    Need mostly for my VitaMix’d kale and celery juice for the Kale Mary’s. Also for almond and coconut milk.

  23. Gill

    I actually love the blend of coconut and almond milk! It offers the best of both worlds. Yumm!e

  24. Seana Thompson

    Love fresh almond milk!

  25. Dyanne Spease

    There’s nothing like fresh almond milk.

  26. I would immediately try almond and coconut milk!

  27. Tanya R.

    I would to make my own almond or coconut milk

  28. Anna

    I LOVE coconut milk!!! I fell in love with it when I got homemade, pressed coconut milk from the Galapagos Islands. Nothing like a man riding on a bike yelling coco for some fresh coconut milk over ice!

  29. Julie Jones

    We enjoy both coconut and almond milk. My husband has made the most wonderful almond and chocolate almondmilk. I would love to win to mae his milk making an easier task.

  30. Simon Parker

    These look amazing. I was sure that there would be some catch along the way that made them less amazing (like you needed to use a kilo of nuts to make a decent amount of milk), but no everything is above board and truly amazing… Did I say that yet?…

  31. almond milk with 1/4 pecan in it.

  32. Christina

    Coconut Milk… Then Almond!

  33. Kristi

    I love almond milk the best and rarely, if ever, drink dairy milk anymore!

  34. Tasha

    Its a toss up between almond and cashew, although I haven’t tried chocolate hazelnut yet….

  35. My family drinks almond milk. I would love to try to make my own. My husbands preference is Almond Breeze. I haven’t tried any other nut milks. I would like to introduce my 9 month old to nut milks when she is 12 months.

  36. I would be all about my own coconut milk. I go through my store bought coconut milk at a somewhat alarming rate and it would be AMAZING to be able to whip up the surprisingly large amounts that I need in the comfort of my own home (and to enjoy all natural goodness while saving a little $ in the process 🙂

  37. emily

    I like almond milk the best! Would love to make my own:)

  38. I’ve been using a lot of coconut milk instead of my beloved almond milk b/c it’s hard to find almond milk that doesn’t have a bunch of other ingredients that doesn’t trigger my auto-immune conditions (acne, leaky gut, etc). I would love your little nut sack b/c I could do something with it that I’ve never done before: make almond milk for myself. ❤

  39. okay, I am so not original but I absolutely adore freshmade almond milk and/or coconut milk.

  40. Kim Gregory

    Coconut milk, hands down:)

  41. Leslie

    Oh almond milk, yum! Have so many recipes I want to try with homemade nut milks and my vitamix. Would love to perfect an almond or cashew milk “horchata”!

  42. My Favorite non-dairy milk is ALMOND milk, although I definitely enjoy coconut milk too. I also really like hemp milk!

  43. Coconut milk is definitely my favorite!

  44. Charity Skeen

    I love rice milk and almond milk. I love to make keifer but it would be even better with my homemade nut milk! But, I think if I had a nut milk bag I would try all kinds of milks…I would love to make coconut milk and hazelnut milk…mmmmm!! I love all that I have learned from you!! Thank you so much friend!!!!

  45. I want to make almond milk but I don’t because I don’t have the nut milk bag. I would love to win one. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  46. Christine

    my favorite non dairy milk is almond sweetened with dates and a little vanilla! I would love to win the bags!

  47. Teenie Drumm

    My favorite is still almond,, followed by coconut, I love to cook with both.

  48. Marci

    Almond milk is so good. I have an almond milk and banana smoothie every morning. Delicious! I would love making my own almond milk and the nut milk bag would be perfect. Thank you!

  49. Lydia

    I like to make my own almond milk too – I add a bit of coconut milk to give it a creamier texture. I have been straining it through a tea towel, but that is starting to fall apart. These nut milk bags look great!

  50. SIsom

    Never would have thought that making almond milk was so easy.

  51. Debbie

    I love raw almond milk, but I am certainly willing to try almond/coconut! By the way, I was in your class at Parkway last evening. I had a great time, and I learned quite a bit in that 1 to 1.5 hours! Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing more of you and learning more from you!

  52. Melissa Baer

    Almond milk is my favorite!

  53. Jennifer Berger

    Love your classes and recipes! Coconut milk straight from the can – yum!

  54. Amanda Andresen

    Sweet! Almond milk is my favorite!

  55. Thank you all so much for sharing you favorite “milks” and comments!

    The winners of this nut milk bag giveaway are:

    Veggie V! @ Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure
    Karen Delaney
    Andrea Kotarksi

    I will send your new bags out on Monday with a little recipe booklet!

    And if anyone else is still interested, I am also selling these most awesome nut milk bags here: http://nvy.gd/16I7lKz

    Betty Rawker

  56. I like nut milks, especially that it has good fats that support us to burn more fats, plus, it tastes really good.

    @Bettey Rawker: I have been using Diana Stobo’s nut milk bags: bit.ly/195EekM , because they were strong and very durable. However, I would like to see if I can get some of yours. I would like to get it fast. 😀 I kind of a nut-milk lover.

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