Pad Thai @NaturallyLauren

This vegan/paleo Pad Thai is a staple recipe in my kitchen!

When ever I get that craving from Thai Food, I just whip up a batch of this noddlie dish, and it whisks me away to Thai Paradise.


Join me for my first honorary blog post at Naturally Lauren!

I was invited to participate in a “What I Ate Wednesday” post, where I also share my go-to, simple, vegan, paleo Pad Thai Recipe.

And you can see what I eat on a normal day from the berry fields, on the road, and into the kitchen! It’s all delicious, let me tell you!

And if you go visit her page right now, you can enter to Win a  Betty Rawker Nut Milk Kit!! Winner will be announced Aug 18th, go here to enter!! Easiest contest EVER, just go here, and enter a comment with your favorite green juice or smoothie!

nut milk contest



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