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Ultimately I started this little business because I love sharing raw goodies with friends!!

Betty Rawker

Andrea Wyckoff aka “Betty Rawker”

For the past 15 years, I have been battling a case of Ankylosing Spondylitis, a really yucky autoimmune disease that causes painful inflammation and fusing of the spine, along with hellacious IBS, and in my case Colitis. The good news? I am now conquering my AS by eating lots of starch free & truly natural and pure foods.  This blog is more focused specifically on sweet raw treat recipes, because I had initially created my little Betty Rawker Company as a raw chocolate manufacturing company. But I soon found being a small raw chocolate producer was going to cost me more money in the long wrong then I was able to make doing it. But I decided that I would at least share some of my favorite recipes with you!

I truly love and appreciate my vegan and omnivore friends equally! I first switched to a vegan diet at 13 years old, and from there into my late 20’s I primarily ate vegan foods, though I wasn’t 100% vegan the full span of time. Unfortunately I ran into a lot of health problems eating a highly processed mostly vegan diet loaded with too many grains and GMO soy, starches, and refined sugars, and I have now developed a horrible inflammatory gut and body reaction to soy (even a drop of soybean oil ruins my life for a week!), and I can also no longer tolerate gluten, grains or starches either.

In my late 20’s I developed an extremely painful inflammatory response to eating food. It seemed like my gut was trying to kill me, literally. The countless doctors I saw were of no help, diagnosing me with everything from Fibro, to Depression, to IBS, then Colitis, and finally 12 years too late I got the correct diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. But before the official AS diagnosis I found my way to the SCD diet. Which I am thankful I found at that time, as I went through a strict elimination diet for 6 months on SCD and it truly helped me identify my newly developed food intolerances and it helped me to start eating meals without wicked gut pain, bloating, and debilitating back and body pain, and huge energy surges and crashes.  And then from there I found my way back to a high raw, mostly vegan diet that also falls under the umbrella of Paleo (no grains, no soy, no corn, no dairy, no refined sugar, no legumes).  For a few years I truly felt like I had found my perfect diet in eating a diet high in raw foods, with minimal cooked foods.

I felt amazing.

But then a few years later, I didn’t feel amazing. I found I was eating too many carbs, even though they were all raw/vegan carbs, I started gaining weight around my mid section.  And I was relying too much on high carb smoothies to pull me through each day. Back here to the initial sugar addiction I had developed before I did SCD for the first time.

At this moment in my life, I have found a really great balance for my body with eating more wild caught fish and shellfish, and pastured meats. And I have also started using local pastured eggs from our neighbor’s farm in some of my grain-free baked goods and waffles. I pretty much avoided eggs most of my life, but now I honestly like the way they help balance out my homemade grain free recipes. Before I added in some of these animal products, I was also starting to feel like I was overdoing it on my nut consumption. As much as I used to love my “walnut taco meat” I can’t actually eat nut/seed faux meat pates anymore, as I just completely overdid it on them, much like I overdid it on soy meat products growing up.

The moral of the story. I love pure foods. I love raw foods. And I love paleo style pastured raised meats and eggs.

And I hate how we have turned diets into religions.

I have started a new website to feature my favorite low starch recipes. I am also working on publishing a cookbook of Low Starch Paleo Recipes. This book includes a rawinbow of raw recipes, vegan recipes, and traditional paleo recipes. I am also including the approaches that are helping so many from around the world overcome Ankylosing Spondylitis!  Such a fun project full of creative recipes and heartfelt stories! Be sure to check out the new website dedicated to paleo – grain free – low starch and delicious recipes!



Andrea Wyckoff, aka “Betty Rawker”


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  1. Hey You!
    I’m glad that you’re feeling healthy! Here in Fiji it would be hard to make a lot of this stuff, but I’ll be checking it out and living vicariously through you! I recently checked out the “Eat Right for Your Type” diet – which is based on blood type and found that I should be limiting my wheat intake, so I’m experimenting with other grains. They sell rice flour in Fiji! Anyway – hope you’re well and having fun!

    • Hey Milli!
      A huge part of my raw diet includes being CooCoo for CoConuts!!! I am making these yummy raw macaroons + dried blueberries + local hazelnuts. And I make my own coconut milk by blending dried coconut + water in my Vitamix. And I LOVE raw coconut oil!! [very jealous of you having access to raw coconuts in Fiji] I read that most “raw” coconuts that arrive in the US are heavily treated with Formaldehyde for their long journey to get here, [you can even taste it] so I only buy raw coconut oil & dried coconut that has been processed where it’s harvested in the Philippines, etc. One of my new favorite ingredients in pineapple in all forms including dried! [again jealous you can get them fresh so easily in Fiji] I have read the Eat Right book too – lots of useful info. xoxo

  2. Chris

    Thank you for your blog. Been doing the starch free diet and am grateful for some new yummy recipes!! I see that you use a lot of ginger. I use ginger now instead of the nsaids, I find that it is a better anti-inflammatant and it does a better job at making the pain go away! I am amazed that no Dr. ever told me about ginger!

  3. Katherine

    Hi Betty! Last weekend I visited the McMinnville Public Market and stopped at your booth. Picked up some raw chocolate goodies, which, by the way, were FABULOUS! Now, looking at your business card I noticed your last name and recalled going to school with a fella with the same last name. Since it’s not a common name I was wondering if you are related (by marriage, obviously) to my school mate? I would love it if you would email me so we could share more details.

    All of your recipes sound fabulous and I can’t wait to try the crispy BBQ zuch chips!
    Cheery-bye, Katherine

    • Hi Katherine!

      Thanks so much for coming to see me at the Market! So glad to hear you enjoyed the raw chocolates!! I will totally send you a note!


  4. Ronny Huckabay

    I always use curcumin in my rice diet, Curcumin has lots of health benefits mainly in enhancing wound healing.`*”””

    Yours truly http://foodsupplementdigest.com/chia-seeds-side-effects/

  5. Devon

    Hi “Betty”, I have been on your site before and wanted to try your doughnut holes but can’t find the recipe, what happened to it?

  6. Alicia Hawkins

    There are so many awesome recipies here, I’m going to start using them right away! This site is amazing, your doing some great things, keep it up

  7. Thanks Alicia! I LOVE that one of my most favorite chica’s in the whole world can love herself some Betty Rawker un-cooking. xoox, Best Friends Forever!! If there is one recipe that reminds me of you it’s the sweet & sassy raw-keying lime pie! https://bettyrawker.com/2012/09/01/rawkin-key-lime-pie/

  8. Hi!

    I found out I have Klebsiella pneumoniae and UC. I am currently following the 80-10-10 LFRV diet and it has significantly helped my health issues (I had over 8 pathogenic strains and now only have the Klebsi…also, my blood labs are finally normal and my inflammation is down). However, I desperately want to get rid of the Klebsi….are u trying to kill it off?

    I have some questions, if u dont mind:

    1. My lab test said that caprylic adic is the natural antibiotic for Klebsi…but it is also contraindicated for IBD. Ugh. But, it could be the lesser of the two evils if it works. Have u heard of anyone trying this? A woman I know did 1000mg TID for 2 weeks + probiotics and she said she was able to irradicate her Klebsi

    2. Do u do probiotics? Which ones and how many CFUs? Ive heard that VSL#3 is the best one for UC and autoimmune issues….do u agree?

    Also, Amino Acids are thought to help further break down the microdome http://www.naturalnews.com/032825_amino_acids_antibiotics.html

    3. If I do any starches, I get GI issues and my Fibromyalgia flares. Oddly, I handle Food for Life Brown Rice tortillas, though…any idea why? Even spaghetti squash flares me…and dont get me started on sweet potato and grains!!! But why would a brown rice tortilla be fine?!

    4. Are legumes (beans, lentils, peas) ok to eat on a limited starch diet? I really need to increase my protein and I also miss beans. I handle tofu well (no starch!), but would love to add in beans. I read that their resistant starch would benefit the good flora but actually NOT feed the Klebsi..is this true? Or am i playing Russian Paulette? I cant find any answers anywhere and I’m getting tired of not knowing what to eat and how to treat this darn bug (caprylic acid? high-dose probiotics? diet?)

    5. My goal is to be able to do the Dr Fuhrman Nutritarian vegan diet, but it is very bean-heavy and includes some starchy veggies and GF grains (limited amounts), and IDK if those would feed the Klebsi, or if Klebsi feeds off refined carbs only and thus legumes and starchy veggies are ok (because they feed the good flora instead??)?

    I feel great on fruits (except high-fructose fruits….the high-glucose fruits give me no symptoms whatsoever)….but I want to expand my diet a bit. Any thoughts on legumes, resistant starch, and klebsi’s preferred source of fuel?

    Thanks…sorry for the long post! 😦

    • Hi Stacy!
      Great Questions!!!

      1. Caprylic Acid is found in coconut, so I would just increase your coconut consumption (fresh coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil, etc) When I got labs back a year ago and was told I had an overabundance of yeast (Candida) they tested what they found in my system against a wide range of natural anit-fungals, which included caprylic acid, undecylenic acid, oregano oil, all of which were effective against it in a petri dish. I tried ALL of these to no avail. It wasn’t until I went raw and gave up all grains & white sugar (without using any anti-fungals) that my bodied started to thrive and kick all the bad guys out. I believe that even with the most proper anti-fungals you can’t wipe out the bad bugs if you are still ingesting a food supply for them (starches, lactose, grains, processed sugars). I also believe from experience the best way to get rid of an unhealthily overgrowth of bacteria/yeast is to starve it out, this is the easiest way to support you body (rather than attack it) and help it take out the trash!
      2. My probiotics consist of a daily dose of Bubbies raw fermented dill pickles (I then use the brine to make one more batch of my own pickles, or use the brine in my homemade raw mustard) or Bubbies raw fermented sauerkraut (I recently started fermenting my own kraut!), or a storebought kombucha, and then I also like to make kefir water on my counter (only takes 24-48 hours per batch). I have tried all sorts of digestive enzymes and supplements and never noticed any improvement from them over the years the way I do when I eat some raw fermented Bubbies with my meal! Or drink lots of freshly made green smoothies! Or nut milk raw cacao smoothies 😉 I truly believe our bodies best process and absorb what they need from “whole foods” not concentrated extracts done in a lab.
      3. I avoid ALL big starches, so potatoes, rice, corn, banana are all out for me. I do eat a wide variety of fruits & veggies that have some starch, but none of the super starchy ones, and I also avoid cashews  They are too starchy for my body. I want to caution you on the brown rice tortillas, there may be a chance they are helping to keep the bad guys alive, even though you cannot directly link this. Our bodies have different reactions and reaction times to different foods. If you want to give it your best shot, I would avoid the tortillas and try them again once you feel well & healed! Sorry!!!
      4. I also avoid all beans, lentils, legumes. I replace them with homemade nut & seed based milks, smoothies, puddings, pates, hummus salad dressing etc. I load up on chia seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, sprouted almonds, soaked walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. I don’t have any cravings for starches or legumes anymore, and there are so many great raw recipes out there with seeds or nut bases. Also, I still occasionally eat wild caught seafood (sushi or cooked). When my body craves a little meat, I love to eat a salmon filet.
      5. I think Dr Fuhrman is on the right track, but I think his diet misses the mark for those of us with compromised immune systems, where we have already awoken a serious auto-immune disease. I absolutely love the way I feel eating around 80% Raw, 15% cooked plant based foods, 5% Seafood.

      I have been this way for the last year (before that I was still always dabbling in raw for years, but still continued to eat grains unaware of what they were doing to my body). I finally feel like I am 100% tuned into my body, healing, and on the best possible path. I no longer spend hours googling my symptoms online or seeing new doctors, because I feel like I honestly found my path. I know we are all different, and I hope something I have said might help you in some way! I wish you the very best health!

      Also, if you need help finding recipes to replace certain legume or grain based ones, send me a note and I will do my best to give you some new ideas! It really sounds like you are on a great path! ♥

  9. Hey Betty!

    Thanks for the thorough reply!

    1. I actually did the whole coconut oil/butter/milk thing a year ago and it didnt do anything. The thing that brought my klebsi down from a 4+ to a 3+ was the LFRV diet. It also erradicated the other pathogens, but the darn Klebsi still remains, hence my thinking that I may need to hit it heavy with caprylic acid and high dose probiotics?? Do u know anyone who tried this?

    2. Can Klebsi EVER be wiped out, or it is the type of thing where once u are infected with it, it stays with u for life and thus must always eat a low-starch diet?

    3. Just how low-starch IS a low-starch diet? For example, if I eat no other starched but a brown rice tortilla every day, is that ok? For some reason, i get NO overt reaction from them, so does that mean they are ok? (Oh, and bananas arent starchy if they are ripe, ie very spotty and falls off the stem easily. The riper they are, the more the starch turns to sugar, so bananas ought to be safe for u!)

    4. I’ve been reading that legumes are actually highly recommended for dysbiosis issues bc the resistant starch feeds the good bacteria, which enables them to increase in number and thus overcome the Klebsi. Is this correct, and if so, for what reason(s) do u avoid legumes? Sprouting and/or fermenting them significantly decreases the starch. Do u do soy at all?

    5. What do u mean by “Dr Fuhrman is on the right track, but I think his diet misses the mark for those of us with compromised immune systems, where we have already awoken a serious auto-immune disease”? I thought Dr F’s whole focus was on preventing/treating autoimmune and other health issues? You can make his diet high-raw by sprouting legumes instead of cooking them

    6. What effects occur when u eat grains? Do u get the same reactions with legumes?

    7. Interesting that Bubbies works better for u than probiotics. I wonder why….probiotics contain way more CFUs than fermented foods. How do u make the water kefir? Ive tried this numerous times, but it always turns “off” and I get too nervous to drink it (i dont need another pathogen lol)! Have u tried making homemade yogurt?

    8. What is your opinion of the 80-10-10LFRV diet?

    I’m SO glad u found your key to health! I can relate to spending hours online and going to various MDs…it’s not a fun way to live. Again, sorry for all the questions, but there is not much info out there on Klebsi…but it seems like it is a very serious pathogen and is becoming the “new MRSA” (which I also had in 2005!).


  10. All I can offer is what works for ME! I just feel amazing when I eat fresh produce, (fruits, veggies, greens) sprouted nuts, seeds, seaweed, fresh herbs, and a little bit of the fringe foods, cacao, maple syrup, honey, etc. I pretty much avoid all soy except for a little bit of tamari (fermented soy sauce, no wheat). And a little wild caught seafood or grass fed beef from time to time. I don’t feel good when I eat grains or legumes, so I don’t! It’s that simple, and I have no problem with it! I experimented a lot with soaking my legumes & grains, but I just find my body responds better to the list of foods I mentioned above.

    I tried making homemade yogurt a couple years ago on the SCDiet. It was not a good idea for my body, caused ulcers, more joint pains.
    I honestly believe eating fermented foods in a better way to bet pro-biotics than pills, and I love fermented Bubbies pickles and my homemade sauerkraut! Love it! That is just my personal opinion from my personal experience though. But I always read that no matter how high the count of pro-biotics in a pill, it mostly gets pooped out anyway!

    I have also read the klebsiella is kinda everywhere, so there is no way to just erradicate 100%, then never have it come back if you have a compromised immune system. If you are eating a food that it can feed off of, like starches in a leaky gut scenario, it will keep hanging around, at least that is my opioion. But you may be able to take something as you suggested to knock its populations down at first, then continue with a diet that does not feed ’em, and that sounds like it will work for you. I just strongly believe the key to all of this is finding an anti-inflammatory diet that supports your immune system, and then your body will be able to keep everything in check.

    And I just feel Dr. Fuhrman’s diet is right for many, but not for those of us with extreme caseses of Crohn’s, Colitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, etc. With these diseases I believe it is better to eat something similar to the 80/10/10, and NO grains, very low starches. And yes I know ripened bananas are lower in starch, but since I am feeling like a rawk star eating the way I am and feel like I am healing so incredibly fast, I am just going to stay away from fringy starchier foods for now. But like I said, this is what works for ME. And I am 100% convinced I am on the right diet for my body! I just have this website to help encourage others to get more fruits & veggies into their diets in creative ways, and hopefully inspire fellow friends with AS, that the right diet can be a life saver.

    Have you checked out http://www.kickas.org/ – incredible people on these forums dedicated to kicking Ankylosing Spondylitis and Klebsiella. Some on there recommend taking a strong anti-biotic to knock it down at first. But for me, I got into this whole mess I believe by being on way too many anti-biotics as as child with chronic ear infections, hence knocking my system out of whack and into imbalance. Just so thankful to finally have found the balance once again!

    Thanks again for checking out my blog!!

  11. I tried to register on kickas.org, but it didnt work. 😦 I wonder why more klebsi people dont try natural antibiotics? If u can knock it out, then why not? The protocol is:

    for 1 month, take a mix of Capryllic and GSE (1-4 caps TID) for 1 month, working up the dose. Take probiotics inbetween. then, do a high-dose probiotic afterwards for a few months, continuing with probiotics/kefirs/etc for pretty much as long as possible.

    Once u get klebsi, is it ALWAYS with u?

    From what Ive read, Resistant starch (in legumes, brans, etc) help fight KP too bc those foods feed the good flora. Is this true?

    I enjoy 811, but ive lost so much muscle and wt…plus, the sugar is affecting my adrenal fatigue.

    ugh….i envy those who dont have these issues

  12. I wouldn’t give up trying to register with kickas.org! Once in a while they have server issues. There are so many people from around the world on there though having similar discussions. Lots of great ideas & experiences are shared on that site!

    As for me kicking my AS symptoms to the curb, I did a 14 day fresh green juice fast a few months back, and made major progress in healing my body. The results were incredible, and I inspired others on kickas.org to try it too. With battling Ankylosing Spondylitis it is all about battling inflammation, and juicing just knocks it out completely, and nutures the body back to a balanced state. While I was juicing, another couple from Austrailia where also doing a juice/smoothie fast at the same time, and blogged about it, and you might also find some inspiration and answers regarding the no starch diet from their website. She is a total sweetheart blogger, and her husband has AS, and was at a state where we was in so much pain could barely walk, then after a 10 day juice/smoothie fast, he has continued to follow the no starch diet and has had zero AS pain for at least the past 5 months. http://farmerkskitchen.com/ks-reboot/

    I think most people loose an average of 5-8 pounds for the 10-14 day juice fast (and more weight is lost my those who are quite overweight). If you are worried about loosing weight as you mentioned, your protocol might work better for you though! Hopefully I see you over at kickas.org soon!


  13. I was able to get registered and one guy on there is very helpful. It seems like some people dont follow a low-starch diet, yet their symptoms stay in check. Do u know why this is?

    Ive been pretty much doing a smoothie/juice diet for a year..it’s time to rebuild the body though, and hence my desire to add in some resistant starch/higher-pro foods like legumes and seeds. Yet, whenever I try, my body/GI tract backfires. it beyond frustrating and IDK why it is doing this!

    Do u do the Rejuvenative Food raw SK? Have u made ur own Water Kefir? Where did u buy ur grains and what method did u use?

    Thanks for being such a great support!

  14. Glad you got registered on kickas.org!

    I got my kefir grains from this company: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/water-kefir-grains.html – mostly because they sell them locally here in the NW. They have worked great. I mix it up, sometimes I use sugar in the raw, or coconut sugar, coconut water, add in ginger. I ferment for 24 – 48 hours depending on what I use. With sugarcane I need to let it go longer. And I have started making my own kraut. But I also buy Bubbies products too.

    Keep me posted on how things work out for you! And please let me know if you try the protocol you had described with the caprylic adic, gse & probiotics.


  15. Letting you know that I’m giving you a Liebster award http://primalcompetitor.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/the-liebster-award/. Obviously you already have a successful blog but a few more people hearing how awesome it is can’t hurt right? 🙂 If you want to partake check out the post and follow the instructions. Congrats!

  16. I just discovered your site and am enjoying it. I’d love to come to your “Art of Raw Food” class, but am wondering – are you going to be using hazelnuts in the recipes for the class? I’m unfortunately allergic to them, pretty badly, and since they are so abundant around here, I thought I would check. Thanks!

    • Hi Malerie!

      I can easily make this class hazelnut free! There is one recipe where we roll the raw coconut truffles in different toppings, like dried coconut, raw cacao powder, or chopped nuts. I can easily make those nuts be raw sprouted almonds instead of hazelnuts. I hope you can make it!!

      Thanks so much!
      “Betty Rawker”

  17. Lindsay

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to your cooking class! 🙂 I am more than excited to attend! I will be promoting your products as well as the class for you.
    Thank you,
    Lindsay @ Red Hills Market

  18. Shannon

    Hi there! Just happened upon your site from an FB posting and love it. I noticed before that you mentioned that you purchase coconut that is processed I believe in the Phillipines… just wondering if you’d be able to share your source. Also, is there a particular source/brand for raw coconut oil that you like best? I’m excited to hear you say that you make your own coconut milk in your Vitamix… such a great idea that I must snag! I heart my Vitamix and am excited when I find new uses for it. Thanks for the site, helpful information, and great recipes!

    • Hi Shannon,

      I currently get my coconut oil in bulk (2 gallons at a time) from a Health Food Distributor here in Oregon, but you have to have a commercial business to purchase from them. But, many people really enjoy Tropical Traditions, and they are very upfront about their pure processing in the Philippines. I have bought their coconut oil before too, and was very happy with it. It is worth it to keep an eye on their different monthly specials.
      Here is there link: http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/

      Glad to hear you have a Vitamix! I LOVE mine too, and can’t believe how much I use it everyday!! And yes, it is so easy to blend 1 cup dried coconut with up to 4 cups water and strain through a nylon nut milk bag. It is not as fatty as the stuff in the can, but works great in many recipes, and is super duper cheap to make.


  19. joyce lameire

    Hello! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Don’t feel obligated to go through the acceptance steps; I realize that life gets crazy. I was more interested in sharing your blog with my readers because I love it so much. However, if you’re interested the details are here: http://ankysponwhat.com/2013/04/02/im-speechless/

  20. Hi Betty Rawker! (cool name by the way 😉

    I love your blog and your recipes are epic! All delicious!! xoxox

  21. Hello Betty Rawker/Andrea,

    Thank you so much for following me on http://almondfigtree.wordpress.com/ ! I’ve been reading your messages on KickAs.com for a long time. And now and then I visit your awesome blog. You inspire people and bring a positive vibe and I want to thank you for that. Because it helped me and I hope it will help others fighting against Ankylosing Spondylitis…(and I feel a little embarrassed now that I haven’t become your follower much earlier..!).
    Lovely Betty Rawker: thank you again and let’s Kick some AS !

    Almond (AKA Judith, AS kicking in Holland)

    • Hey Almond!!

      You are so sweet Judith! And I LOVE the name “Almond & Fig Tree” too of my most favorite foods! We actually planted an almond tree and 2 fig trees at our house last year, they are settling in nicely, but no fruits yet!
      I really appreciate your kind words! So nice to be able to relate to others with AS too! It is also amazing what a lifesaver the right diet is for our disease, each day I am so thankful to be in less & less pain, and lots of the time no pain!!


  22. Thank you Betty! I would love to have a figtree. Wow, that’s the real thing! And a garden…. (Sooo jealous here 😉
    We live in the city so, well you know; we have plants in pots. We’re cityfarmers now !! I think that’s very cool too…;)

    It ís nice to be able to relate to others. We don’t have to explain, we know what it’s like.
    I’m praying that I find the right little dietchanges that will give me back what I have lost because of this disease. I’m already on the right track here with less and less pain but I want the maximum possible: superenergy, a stronger body and superhealth. My journey will go on and on. I read, I write and experiment with food. And maybe someday I will have my own almond- and figtrees. Who knows?! LOL.

    I’m so happy for you that this diet works so good for you also. I’m convinced it saved our life…
    More and more people seem to be interested in the information about the NoStarchdiet and are willing to try eating starchfree. Somebody has send me an email a few weeks ago and told me about his succes with this diet. He thanked me while I didn’t invent this diet; Ebringer did. Well, so cool to hear that someone thinks my blog makes a difference. So cool to see that people on your blog think you make a difference. And you do. Your recipes rock!

    Hugs from Holland,

  23. What a fabulous website and wonderful recipes, I will be popping in often. For years I have wanted to have a RAW diet but my other half will not oblige, but I will start off with a few of your recipes now !

    • Hey Lesley!!

      Thanks so much for checking out my little website!! All of these recipes have been taste tested and approved by my non-raw other half, so hopefully your’s will like them too!

      Rawk on! ♥

  24. Love your site. I especially love your “snickers” bars…..they are amazing. I have made them so many times. I have a friend who just went vegan and gluten free so I’m definitely referring her to your website!

  25. Hi Andrea(Betty Rawker),
    Thanks so much for the uncooking class today. It is great to get some more raw recipes and I definitely want to get the machine that makes the raw noodles. I also really enjoyed the mint shake. That certainly did give me an energy boost. I have a question regarding that recipe, I notice it said a spoonful of coconut nectar. Did we put that in the shake? What is coconut nectar? Was that the sweet coconut stuff like maple syrup? Does that give energy too? Thank you again for everything. It was a great class. Davina

    • Hi Davina!

      I had so much fun in the kitchen with you today! Thank you so much! My husband was super excited about all the goodies I came home with too!

      And yes, the coconut nectar we made the caramels with (mixed with the coconut butter) is the same sweetener I put in the recipe for the Mint Matcha shake, and I recently updated the recipe to say “coconut nectar or honey” as they both work about the same to sweeten! I personally like it best with honey these days!

      Thanks again! Hope to see you again soon!


  26. Hi. I have stage 4 klebsiella and have been dealing with it for years. It’s causing horrible gi issues and terribly joint/muscle inflammation and pain, among other autoimmune problems.

    Would u be able to share what a sample days diet looks like for u (sample bf, lunch, dinner, snacks)?

    Also, there’s a lot of conflict info I’ve found on the veggie starch content. Which truly are safe for nsd? The list on kickas is difficult to follow. And, there seems to be discrepancy on certain veg like
    cauli, cabbage, Zucchini and summer squash, winter squash, rutabaga, turnip, green beans or haricots verts, avocado, dulse and spirulina, sunflower butter, pumpkin seeds, mung bean sprouts,, Brussel sprouts, carrots… Are these safe? Which are and which aren’t? What veggies ARE your staples?

    Also, which veggies are best raw and which are best cooked as to not release their starch and thus keep them nsd?

    Also, does fermenting cabbage into raw Kraut negate the starch, making it ok?

    Is your diet ketogenic? Do u also struggle with yeast overgrowth/candida? If so, how do u deal with this too? Do u avoid fruit? If not, which fruits are ok?

    Sorry for all the questions… I’m so grateful for your help… I haven’t been able to get any of these answered

  27. Kathy

    Hi Andrea,

    We met this last week in NWPI… You were so gracious to visit with me, and share your knowledge!!!
    I have been checking out your recipes… can’t wait to start making them!!!!

    I haven’t yet seen the blogs, but I’m excited to learn more about how to convert my kitchen pantry
    into a user friendly, healthy, an exciting place to be again!
    Any ideas about hiding the goodness in my husbands meals are on my radar! We have really
    become what we have been eating… And that’s very unhealthy!

    Thank You!
    Hope to see you again soon!

    • Hi Kathy!

      It was so great to meet you! I am working with Dr. Kessinger to set up some fun raw/paleo intro classes there soon! I really hope you can join us for one!

      Thanks so much for checking out some of my favorite recipes!


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