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Here are some of Betty’s Favorite MUST SEE Movies!

(Must Read Books are Listed Below)

Dr. Terry Wahls Ted Talk

This is my favorite life changing 15 minute FREE video. Please watch!! Please get inspired! This video definitely inspired me to get off the grains! Though I don’t eat organ meats, I do eat a lot of the foods she strongly recommends like kale, seaweed, mushrooms, berries, & lots of veggies.


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Experience the life changing power of juicing!!
Download the movie on Amazon [click here] or Netflix. And here is a link to my personal juice fasting experience.


Genetic Roulette

You will never view packaged foods and GMO “foods” the same again! A very eye opening movie that exposes the direct link between gmos & packaged “foods” to leaky gut and inflammatory autoimmune diseases. A must see!! Download movie [click here]


Hungry For Change

OH. This is A Must See Also. Lots of Raw Food – Health Food Movers & Shakers in this Film! Click here to download.


Here are some of Betty’s Favorite MUST READ RAW Books!

I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude

If you find yourself in the SF Bay Area, I really hope you can find yourself into a Cafe Gratitude Raw Restaurant! They serve up so much amazing food – it’s hard to resist from ordering 1 of everything on the menu! When we were there, we practically did, and it was so much fun to share and taste such amazing raw food creations! I absolutely love this book. At first glance, the recipes can come off as a bit advanced, but there are so many treasures I use all the time, like the Living Almond Hummus, Raw Falafels, and Tom Kha Soup! Yummy! Click here to order.

Going Raw

I ♥ Raw Judita!! She is one of my most favorite raw chefs, and I have gotten the most incredible pleasure of helping as a “recipe tester” for her new book Raw And Simple due out in Feb 2013.  I loved her first book Going Raw, that I literally gave out copies of it to friends & family last year for Christmas! I highly recommend! Click here to order.

Everyday Raw Desserts

Thank you Matthew Kenney for this INCREDIBLE book! This book has inspired many gourmet desserts for my raw dinner parties! Mouthwatering photos paired with creative desserts that entice the palate! Check out his Apple Cobbler, Apple Cider Donut Holes, and Cherry Crisp for sure!

Pure Pleasures Cupcake Heaven

Move over little Miss Strawberry Shortcake, watch out Miss Lemon Meringue, and hold onto your hat lil’ Miss Huckleberry Pie, this treat is full of sweet! “Raw Food Sweets That Make Your Heart Skip a Beat ” by Natalia KW is a true pleasure! The ultimate answer to the raw grain-free cupcake! She has come up with the most incredible base raw cupcake recipe and then takes that recipe into so many different directions! From Lemon Poppy Seed, and Strawberry Ginger, to Black Forest Cupcakes. This little book satisfy any cupcake cravings!


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