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dogs.jpgIt seems like forever since we have seen each other at one of my raw food workshops or events, or even communicated thorugh emails. I felt like it was time to touch base, share some new recipes, and just say hi!
Please come visit me on my New Website Pure + Simple Recipes!

If you are following me on facebook or instagram you have likely seen the new website I have created to feature my favorite Pure + Simple low starch, grain free and dairy free recipes (always corn-free, soy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free too!). Since getting hit with the crippling auto-immune disease of Ankylosing Spondylitis (and inflammatory bowel disease) in my 20’s, which progressively got much worse in my early 30’s, I have been on a quest to fight this disease and regain my health naturally. And it truly is a daily fight. The disease has already crippled a large portion of my spine, causing me to shrink a few inches, as it fused together my vertebrae, taking free movement with it, and the ability to carry large heavy objects – this is where teaching classes and catering events was just causing too much strain on my body and spine.  There is no known cure for the AS disease, but I have honestly found that eating an anti-inflammatory diet, tailored to my body, has made the biggest difference for me! And I honestly believe that, and experience it every day.

This past year I have been changing up my focus a bit though. I am no longer restricting myself to a mostly raw or vegan diet. I have spent 20 years of my life mostly vegan, then the past few years mostly raw + vegan, but I currently find myself moving in a slightly different direction. I am still eating loads of plant based foods, but I am finding a good balance for my body with a lower carbohydrate paleo approach.  And when you strip away all of the labels, I am still at the heart of it eating pure and simple foods that I have found to be anti-inflammatory for my body!

The ingredients I am currently loving are organic nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia), seeds (flax, chia, hemp, sesame), low carb fruits (blueberries, cherries, figs, all berries, grapefruit,, melon), pastured eggs (from neighboring farms), wild caught seafood (salmon, scallops, bay shrimp), pasture raised meats (from neighboring farms). And I eat lots of fresh greens and veggies, cabbage is a favorite, also fresh salad greens, kale, broccoli, and I am still crazy for fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, mint, rosemary).

A lot of my “new” recipes include the same base ingredients found in my favorite “raw” recipes. Like this  Tahini Bread Bun recipe is made with tahini paste (sesame seed butter) but now I add a pastured egg to it, lemon juice, sea salt, and bake it 12 minutes into the perfect paleo bun. I have to say after eating such a raw food focused diet, I eventually found I was eating too many nuts and seeds. I also found I was eating too many carbs, which were in the forms of natural sugars and fruits, so this past year, I have really scaled back on the sweetness. Lately I have been using dried figs in my walnut or coconut based “milk” shakes instead of dates or honey (though I still love dates, but just not every day!) I also scaled way back on how much honey or maple syrup I used, and I now top dishes like my Flax Waffles (made with ground flax and a pastured egg) with fresh berries, or fruit sweetened berry jams.

I have a free Low Starch Paleo Breakfast eBook that you will get delivered straight to your inbox as a thank you for signing up for my new mailing list, just click here. This eBook includes some vegan options, anti-inflammatory raw juices, and also low carb paleo dishes too. I really did my best to make these recipes family friendly, and all of the recipes are 100% gluten and dairy free.

I am also working on a 100+ Pure And Simple Recipes Cookbook that I hope to release later this year!

I hope you will join me on this next journey! Just sign up here to be on my new mailing list!

Andrea Wyckoff
“Betty Rawker”


evie naan tortilla wrapPita-Tortilla Wrap Recipe
Photo from Evie the Pyrex Girl
(here is Evie’s adorable website full of vintage treasures)Evie shared this delicious photo she took of two wraps she made using the vegan Pita-Tortilla recipe on my new website. Click here for the Pita Wrap Recipe. 

strawberry8 2

2 Ingredient Strawberry Truffles 
Vegan + Raw Recipe
This recipe is super simple, and makes a wonderful strawberry cream truffle that is naturally low in carbs, vegan and raw. You can add a little honey or maple syrup to sweeten it up, but I really like the natural strawberry flavor that comes through.

coconut crunch cereal

Coconut Crunch Cereal 
Vegan + Paleo Recipe
The recipe for this super simple Coconut Crunch Cereal is in my Free eBook, that you can download by signing up for my Pure + Simple Recipes mailing list. Just click here! 

granola emailBetty Rawker Nut Milk Bags
$10 each, Free Shipping in the USA
I have added new rawsome recipes to the booklet that comes with each nut milk bag order! You are going to love the light and crunchy granola recipe that uses left over nut pulp as a base! It’s so easy, and can be made raw or simply baked. Here is the recipe on my new website, click here



  1. Woohoo! Love your recipes!

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