Kitchen Supplies

Here are my most favorite secret goodies & tools that I use & enjoy daily in my raw food kitchen!

And be sure to see this page for all my favorite raw un-cook books & downloadable life changing movies!

I earn a few extra pennies when you click on the links below when you purchase my favorite gadgets. You will still get the lowest price offers, they will just know that I referred you. xoxo

Nut Milk Bag

nutmilk bag

These bags are worth every penny! I am personally selling them for $10 (which includes a little recipe booklet) and they end up saving you some much money and bellyaches from premade prepackaged nut & seeds milks. You can even make your own coconut milk! And fresh squeezed juices without a juicer! And it is the best tool for straining fresh cauliflower rice. I use this lil’ baggie so much! I use it for making hazelnut milk, pumpkin seed milk, even Tom Kha soup broth. Click here to order one from me!



Vitamix Widget

Not sure where I would be without my Vitamix?! Well, I’d be without all my favorite drinks; raw hazelnut milk, almond milk, pumpkin seed milk, sesame seed milk, green smoothies, creamy curry sauces…. I use my Vitamix like 3 to 5 times per day. It’s become part of our family and even goes on vacation with us!  Click here to buy directly from Vitamix and get Free Shipping


Let’s Make Noodles!


Make your own Spiralized Zucchini Noodles for Raw Pad Thai, Pesto Pasta & Raw Spaghetti! One of my most favorite kitchen gadgets! I bought my Tri World Cuisine Veggie Spiralizer (same model as pictured) for around $30 on


Kitchenaid Food Processor


No Gourmet Raw Food Kitchen is complete without a food processor! KitchenAid has ben the brand I have trusted for the past 10 years of non-stop processing. Almond Butters, Raw Cashew Cheeses, Raw Brownies, Raw Cookies, Pie Crust, Raw Cheesecake – it’s all done in my KitchenAid! Find this on

Here is a link to the Exact Same Pink KitchenAid Food Processor I have, though, I don’t think they have many left, and the price may have been raised a bit.



easy counter sprouter

I am in love with this kitchen sprouter! Counter top gardening was  never easier! Just pour a little water on the top tray twice daily, and it will “rain” down to the trays below. No need to soak and rinse your sprouts! Also, this model is great for growing 4 different sprouts at once, and wheatgrass! For those of you use filtered/purified water to sprout, this model is great at water conservation.


Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Foods

Tropical Traditions Provides the most incredible Gold Label Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. They run amazing specials every week, sometimes buy one get one free, and free shipping. They also have awesome products like dried coconut, coconut vinegar, and honey.


“If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.”


The Scraper Spatula!

These Tovolo scraper/spatulas are awesome. One of Betty’s favorite kitchen tools! She uses this thing, over, and over,each day. It is the perfect tool for getting ever last big scraped out of a food processor! They are easy to clean and very durable! Find these at Sur la Table


THE Pink Knife!

komachi knife

I love my Komachi Knifes! They are super light weight, and super sharp! And they are PINK! And only $10! What more could a gal want in a knife!? Find here on


Mountain Rose Herbs


I ♥ Mountain Rose Herbs! Where else can you buy Organic High Quality bulk herbs & spices by the POUND for around $8 each?! Do you know how BIG a pound of dried basil is (it is HUGE!) They also carry the most awesome pumpkin pie spice, bee pollen, sea salts, teas, my favorite cinnamon, my whole spice cabinet is now stocked with Mountain Rose Herbs, and it will never be any other way! (great shipping rates!)



Fermenting Made Easy ~ Pickl-it Jars

After many hours of reading about the importance of air tight fermentation invested in some Pickl-it Jars. Here is a great article about the science of fermenting good bacteria in an anaerobic environment. I am now using my Pickl-it Jars to ferment sauerkraut and soon water kefir! They also are very nice because the don’t stink up our house like fermenting cabbage 😉



I LOVE my Bubbies! This is my go-to source of probiotics each day! (I no longer take any probiotic pills, and instead eat fermented veggies, kombucha & water kefir) I have started fermenting my own kraut in the Pickl-it jars (shown above), but this is my other favorite source for fermented kraut. Oh, and Bubbies makes the best raw fermented (sugar free) kosher dill pickles EVER too! Found in the refrigerated cooler section of most health food grocery stores, find them here.

And if my tummy is ever upset, I head straight for the fridge and a few spoonfuls of Bubbies kraut, and within minutes I am feeling better! I really love & trust this brand!


The Excalibur Food Dehydrator!

Merry Christmas to ME! This was all I wanted for Christmas last year, and I was so happy to receive it! I have had my eye on these Excalibur Food Dehydrators for about 3 years before finally purchasing one, same with the Vitamix, which was on my wish list for years too! Both are well worth the wait! This model that I have is a little bit extra as it comes with a 26 hour timer, which ya know in all honestly, I hardly ever use. I often just set the dehydrator up before bed, and get everything out in the morning. I also don’t leave things in there when I am away from home, so I can’t say the timer is a feature you would actually need.
Click here for Model with a Timer. Click here for Model without a Timer.




  1. Leslie

    Andrea thank you for posting all this information, it’s soooo helpful!!

  2. Hey Leslie! I am so glad to hear that! I figure I have spent hours and hours researching and trying different products, why not share all my favorites to help others in their raw foodie endeavours!

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  4. Darlene Melkonian

    Love my spiral “noodle”maker! Just makes cooking more fun and healthier!

  5. Hey Darlene! I am so glad to hear that!! I love my noodle maker too! ♥

  6. Hildur

    Thank you for all your informations! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love your reicipies!

  7. M. J.

    Thank you for sharing these specifics!! We LOVE our Vitamix!! (And our spiralizer 🙂 I am definitely checking out the Vanilla Bean and herb links!! ❤

  8. Accidental Vegans

    I just ordered a couple of gadgets! Thanks for all the helpful info!!

  9. Loretta

    Just ordered my spiral noodle maker!! Super excited. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge w us newbies ;o)

  10. Tamara Hamilton

    Love the spiral noodle. Maker

  11. Maura

    I just ordered my very first Vitamix this morning. The first thing i will make is nut milk 🙂 Thank you for the amazing raw uncooking harvest class. You totally inspired me to take a bit better care of me and you made it look pretty simple AND it was sooo delicious. Thank you for being you ❤

    • Thanks Maura!! That is the best compliment ever!! I am so, so exited for you!! And for your new Vitamix!! Yay! You have to tell me the first few things you make with it!! I use my Vitamix at least 3 or 4 times a day, and miss it dearly when I travel, so I have started just taking it with me on trips too!! xoxo

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